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Sumner Communications Announcements
Sumner fade rule Real-Time Inventory Control for Discount & Dollar Stores Becomes a Reality

BETHEL, Conn., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Sumner Communications, the parent company of Wholesalecentral.com, announced the official launch of its newest Web site, Closeoutcentral.com. Serving the $100 billion market for closeout and surplus items, Closeoutcentral.com enables wholesalers of discount and general merchandise to liquidate excess product through its online network. The Web site allows sellers to offer products in multiple categories and to update the availability of products in real-time, for a low annual membership fee of $398. Closeoutcentral.com does not charge any transaction fees. "More businesses are buying and selling over the Internet than ever before and through sites like Closeoutcentral.com, we have a direct link to thousands of buyers we might never find on our own," said Bob Westbury, president and owner of Westbury Sales, a Minneapolis-based wholesaler of general merchandise. "Through Closeoutcentral.com, our listing has actually come up in the top five Google searches for product names like Bang Snaps. This has directly driven orders to us. The site is also extremely easy to use from both the sellers' and buyers' perspectives. In fact, we're able to update inventory information 24/7, which allows our buyers to know that we'll have a certain product in stock exactly when they need it."

Sellers on Closeoutcentral.com, including closeout brokers, liquidators, surplus dealers, manufactures, distributors, importers and other businesses with liquidation merchandise, can advertise by specific lots or with general company and product information. Closeoutcentral.com also has a convenient feature called Quicklink that allows buyers to search for items quickly. Sellers each have their own Quicklink term, which buyers can enter at the top of any Closeoutcentral.com page and go directly to that seller's current offerings. "In the first month of operation, we've attracted more than 106,000 buyers to the Closeoutcentral.com platform," said Scott Sumner, president and CEO of Closeoutcentral.com. "From initial user reaction, the buying and selling community within the closeout marketplace seeks to leverage the wide product availability and ease-of-use of Closeoutcentral.com. For Closeoutcentral.com we've launched search engine optimization efforts, as well as ad and direct-email campaigns to promote this site. The result has been tremendous."

Closeoutcentral.com currently tracks more than 7,700 unique buying sessions every day, and the traffic is growing quickly. The site caters to dollar stores, convenience and drug stores, eBay sellers, drop-shippers, closeout brokers, surplus dealers, manufacturers, distributors and other sellers of general closeout merchandise. Real-time inventory updates are essential for most of these customers because closeout inventory changes quickly. Closeoutcentral.com provides a direct connection to a number of closeout wholesalers, so buyers can find and purchase exactly what they are looking for within minutes. Unlike other e-commerce Web sites, Closeoutcentral.com does not charge sellers or buyers any transaction fees. Buyers can search the site for free and selling members can list as many lot numbers as they like.

Since 1995, Sumner Communications has been operating in the online wholesaling marketplace through its Wholesalecentral.com Web site. Wholesalecentral.com is the leading business-to-business Web site for buying and selling strictly wholesale merchandise. With more than 121,000 items for sale, the site hosts more than 25,000 buying sessions every day, and 14.6 million page-views a month. Similar to Closeoutcentral.com, the site relies on its wide variety of products, speed and ease of use to best serve its clients.